Dr. Forhad Zaman


Assistant Professor

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Dr Forhad Zaman received his PhD in Computer Science from School of Engineering and Information Technology, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Canberra. He completed his M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), Bangladesh. He has been working in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) in REUT since 2009, and he is currently on leave. Forhad has first-authored well over 30 refereed publications including top IEEE Transactions and Q1 journal papers. He has been the reviewer of different top journals in several in top journals in the fields of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Dr Zaman is an IEEE member.
Field of Research
  •  Applied Artificial Intelligence
  •  Power System Optimisation
  •  Optimisation under Uncertainty
  •  Evolutionary Algorithm
  •  Evolutionary Game Theory

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  •      Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering



Book / Book Chapter
Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 MJ Rana, F Zaman, T Ray, R Sarker Heuristic Enhanced Evolutionary Algorithm for Community Microgrid Scheduling IEEE Access 2020 Journal
2 Forhad Zaman, Saber M. Elsayed, Ruhul Sarker, Daryl Essam, Carlos A. Coello Multi-Method based algorithm for multi-objective problems under uncertainty Information Sciences 2019 Journal
3 MA Hossain, HR Pota, S Squartini, F Zaman, JM Guerrero Energy scheduling of community microgrid with battery cost using particle swarm optimisation Applied Energy 2019 Journal
4 F Zaman, S Elsayed, R Sarker, D Essam, CAC Coello Evolutionary Algorithm for Project Scheduling under Irregular Resource Changes IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC) 2019 Conference
5 MA Hossain, HR Pota, S Squartini, F Zaman, KM Muttaqi Energy management of community microgrids considering degradation cost of battery Journal of Energy Storage 2019 Journal
6 Barun K. Das, Forhad Zaman Performance analysis of a PV/Diesel hybrid system for a remote area in Bangladesh: Effects of dispatch strategies, batteries, and generator selection Energy 2019 Journal
7 F Zaman, SM Elsayed, T Ray, RA Sarker Evolutionary Algorithms for Finding Nash Equilibria in Electricity Markets IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation 2018 Journal
8 MF Zaman, Saber M Elsayed, Ruhul A Sarker, Daryl Essam A New Hybrid Approach for the Multimode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering 2018 Conference
9 MF Zaman, SM Elsayed, RA Sarker, D Essam Scenario-based Solution Approach for Uncertain Resource Constrained Scheduling Problems IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (IEEE WCCI) 2018 Conference
10 MF Zaman, SM Elsayed, T Ray, RA Sarker Co-evolutionary Approach for Strategic Bidding in Competitive Electricity Markets Applied Soft Computing 2017 Journal
11 F Zaman, R Sarker, G Chang Dynamic Scenario-based Solution Approach for Scheduling Solar-Thermal Generators IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Applications 2017 Conference
12 MF Zaman Intelligent Planning Approaches for Electricity Generation and Distribution. University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia 2017 Book
13 F Zaman, SM Elsayed, T Ray, RA Sarker An Evolutionary Framework for Bi-objective Dynamic Economic and Environmental Dispatch Problems Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems 2017 Book
14 MF Zaman, SM Elsayed, T Ray, RA Sarker Evolutionary algorithms for dynamic economic dispatch problems IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 2016 Journal
15 MF Zaman, SM Elsayed, T Ray, RA Sarker Configuring Two-algorithm-based Evolutionary Approach for solving Dynamic Economic Dispatch Problems Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2016 Journal
16 MF Zaman, SM Elsayed, T Ray, RA Sarker Evolutionary Algorithms for Power Generation Planning with Uncertain Renewable Energy Energy 2016 Journal
17 MF Zaman, SM Elsayed, T Ray, RA Sarker A Co-evolutionary approach for optimal bidding strategy of multiple electricity suppliers IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, Vancouver, Canada 2016 Conference
18 MF Zaman, Saber M Elsayed, Tapabrata Ray, Ruhul A Sarker A Double Action Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling the Wind-Thermal Generators The Australasian Conference on Artificial Life and Computational Intelligence (ACALCI 2016), Canberra 2016 Book
19 Saber Elsayed, Md Forhad Zaman, Ruhul Sarker Automated differential evolution for solving dynamic economic dispatch problems Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems 2016 Book
20 F. Zaman, R.A. Sarker, T Ray Solving an economic and environmental dispatch problem using evolutionary algorithm IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM) 2014 Conference
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